Our achievements

From our humble beginnings as a two-classroom nursery and kindergarten school we have achieved so much and we are very proud and appreciative of the support we have received along the way. We have¬†made a bold commitment to educate children up to school leaving age. Read on to see what we have done and how much more we still have to do…

The school has gone from strength to strength and amongst many other achievements in four short years, we have;

  • increased our intake from 25 to 110 children
  • made a commitment to educate all children up to school leaving age
  • built a 12 classroom annex to the main school with space for 12 new classrooms, a library and IT suite (under construction)set up a Cadet School that the Ghanaian Navy help to train
  • set up a Cultural Dance group for the children to express themselves
  • implemented a Board of Trustees to help govern and steer the school
  • obtained NGO status in Ghana and charitable status in the UK (Charity Comission)

To find out more about our future goals, please take a look at our objectives, we have big plans for St. Nicholas because we have high aspirations for our children.